Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Positive

I read once that by being happy we make yourselves happy so by being positive we create a positive environment. I think this is very true and Eddy pointed out to me that I have been focusing on the negative this last month. During the summer I tried to be a positive influence (who knows if I was) but I am going to be working on it starting tomorrow.

Positive thing of the day: Almost laughing out of my chair with Stuart, Titania, and Sheena before graduate class. I haven't laughed that hard in too long. Thanks guys!

These are tuilps from the kuekenhoff because flowers make everyone happy.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Out of a combo of sheer procrastination, jealousy, and frustration that Iphoto has lost my photos and is not working I decided to post. I am not as routine as Stephanie or Sam are in their blog posting. They post once a week or twice a month and I post about every six months.
I am now officially half way through my second semester of graduate school and a first year teacher. This means I commute alot. About 2-3 hours a day down to the city and back and then in between school in the Bronx and grad class in the financial district.
This does mean I see alot of weird and cool things. For example one day at 7am I got a beer spilled all over me on the way to teach at my school. I was so pissed but terrified to say anything b/c this is New York. On the other hand the other day on the subway a group of male gymnasts performed in a subway car and were doing back flips. It was truly spectacular and I gave my first subway donation.
Since August I went to California where Eddy and I went to Disneyland. While there I was able to see a lot of amazing people spend quality time with my family and meet my new niece Stella. After that Sam came to visit twice where we have basically just played video games, cooked, baked, and lazed around. I always enjoy how rested I feel when she comes. It reminds me a tiny bit of how great it was to be an undergrad. Eddy's parents came and we showed them around our new town and our amazing apartment with Hudson river views. We also went to Vermont and stayed at the above resort on Lake Champlain that reminded me of the resort in Dirty Dancing. It seemed like it was stuck in the 1950's, but that is why I liked it. In our two day Vermont trip we also went apple picking and stopped by our favorite the Von Trapp family resort. We can only dream of ever being able to afford staying there.
I am finally settling in here or I might be just to busy to notice if I am not. I loved the people in my summer NYCTF cohort and I really felt connected to them. They provide me support every week that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. I only wish I lived in the city so I could run over and see them more often. But that is the only reason I would never give up my new apartment except for an identical one with a bedroom closet, a dishwasher, and more cabinet space in the kitchen. But I don't even care about that stuff because it truly is a spectacular view from an amazing historical home. What more could I want?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Starting Up

So Sam has been begging me to start blogging again for about four months now. I don't know what the issue was. I think it was that I felt I had so much unsaid that it would be overwhelming. But I decided I would start now and just make a small goal of one a week. Pretty sure no one reads my blogs but sam and steph and honestly I only read their blogs so I figure it is a small way to keep you both updated. Sam if this makes you feel better I started blogging because of your post about me.

Well I know make about an hour and a half commute to the Bronx everyday to work in an elementary school. I take the MTA north to Haarlem and then the subway. Honestly commuting is not cool or as glamorous as they make it seem. Everyday when I get off the train and see the trash, ciagrette butts, dog poop (well who knows I just always tell myself it is dog poop), and homeless people being picked up by the cops and I think wow do I miss disneyland. It was actually ironic the other day I had disney music on my ipod by the projects and it seemed so wrong, to be stepping around the homeless guys while hearing hakuna matata. I try and stick with the beatles, katy perry, or opera now, they have a decent mood and feel a bit more at place. The opera works because it is so dramatic. Best part of my commute has been a dad I see walk his children to school every morning. He is the only person who smiles at me that whole time. Sadly I haven't seen him recently.

I have seen some crazy things in only a week and a half. Yesterday at the train station I was standing next to an ad board when all of the sudden the glass shattered everywhere. Honestly I ran, I kinda thought it was maybe a gun shot or who knows what. Turns out it was so windy that the lock broke and door flung open making a huge noise. At least I wasn't the only one who ran.

The photo above is of my mother when she came to visit me a few weeks ago. We saw Wonderland in it's preview and honestly I loved it. It was funny and the music and costumes were great! Cool part of the city is that I could see a show in preview that could win a tony which means I can say I saw the original broadway cast.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Book Review

My wonderful ex-coworker Mike gifted me the book The Miracles of Santo Fico by D.L. Smith. Honestly it is probably a book I would never have picked up in the store and definitely would not have bought if it wasn't a great sale (I can't resist cheap books). I was very pleasantly surprised.

Taking place in a tiny insignificant Tuscan coast town unfolds a complex story of the ideals of youth compared to the truths of adulthood. It is a traditional story of the youth feeling stifled by the small quiet town. Grasping for a more fast paced and exciting life many leave though all return. I would highly recommend the book that reveals all of the characters secrets in the end and is up lifting in it's reminder that no one knows or cares for us like the family we grew up with.

Picture of The Day- This picture is really for Stephanie. I tell her all the time that I have a way with animals and I can speak to them especially those at the zoos. I often translate what they are saying or how they are feeling to her. I told her I recently found out I am a chicken caller and chickens love and listen to me. Eddie and I went to Stone Farms on the Rockefeller state preserve. It is a farm and restaurant that focuses on educating about healthy and seasonal organic foods. They only serve foods in their very expensive restaurant that are in season and home made on the farm. Well you can walk all over to see animals and in the fields. Everyone chases the chickens around and they run away from them. I start talking in my own chicken language and they all come out of hiding and find me from everywhere. I am surrounded by all these chickens that everyone else is still chasing after. It was honestly a bit scary because their becks are really sharp up close.

Best Thing- Dinner waiting at home for you after work. Eddie made me home made augratin potatoes and they were so delicious I ate way too much. To be honest I did not know he could cook that well they were truly amazing.

Worst Thing- People letting their children do anything including boss them around. Last time I checked parents are the ones making the money and rules. When will parents start acting like that and teach their kids to respect others things. A girl in my store today pulled off all the tags on all toys and furniture and bedding and throw it on the floor. Why?

Crazy thing about New York- The very large number of Garage sales they have ever weekend. I have decided instead of taking everything to thrift stores they sell everything on the weekends. Strangest thing is that they are all called Tag sales instead of yard or garage sales.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scary Stoops

Picture of the Day-This is a photo from our kayaking trip a couple days before we left San Diego. Sadly it was overcast and quite chilly like most of the summer before we left my favorite city.

Best Thing-
Our new air purifier also acts as an air conditioner (sort of). It cools off the room so nicely that even on a humid rainy day it feels wonderful in our bedroom.

Worst Thing-
So today Eddie opens the front door and what is on our stoop.... a snake. Yes the most terrible and scary creature in my book. Honestly I think I would run away faster from a snake then I would a bear. For that reason I hate it when at festivals people bring their disgustingly long snakes and wrap them over their shoulders and bring them out in public. This should be against the law. What if it got way and strangled a baby?

So this snake is on the stoop and Eddie and I both have to go to school or work and there is not another way out of our apartment. Beyond the fact that we live in the basement so it isn't like we can brush it off into the bushes. We have to find something in our apartment to get rid of it. After calling the only person we knew who would be up (Samantha) and there was much deliberation of what tool to use (ex. tongs) a swiffer was chosen. Eddie unsuccessfully removed the snake which resulted in it hiding under our doormat. I tried to convince him I would not leave the house unless he carried me out but after he refused many times he agreed to carry all my bags (what if I had to defend myself from this terrible creature, I would need all my limbs).

Well as you can tell this has basically encompassed my entire day. I honestly think I would have called into work and wouldn't have left the home if Eddie wasn't here. One plus for having to share a car! I decided it would be brilliant to look up snakes in new york and see from Eddie's description if I could figure out what it was so I could tell you good people. Written descriptions are ok but once I got to the pictures I immediately got the Heeby-Jeeves and had to call Eddie again. He informed me it was a Ribbon Snake. They say those snakes can get up to 35 inches. That is three very scary feet of snake! I think I have made my point, I HATE SNAKES! That is why I will not include one in this blog you can look it up yourself.

Crazy Thing About New York- I find it comical the weather men always call the first day of a rain storm "the much needed rain". It basically rains every week or every other week. They make it seem as though if they don't get this rain there will be a terrible drought and all their crops will dry out. Oh wait they don't have crops here. Honestly I think it is a sneaky way for the weather man to candy coat the fact that it is raining.

Check back soon for a book review, recipe review, and trip reviews.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Starting

I thought about writing a blog when Eddie and I were initially on our road trip to keep everyone at home informed. Only thing is when I sat down to write the task always seemed daunting. I mean blogging about over a week on the road and then the new home. Now we have been here for almost two months and I finally just decided why not just type. This blog will simply be the quirky things the interest me during a day. Not only about living in New York but about all of my odd interests.

Picture of the Day-My first try at making homemade bread. It was warm herby bread with sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil. I must admit it was a bit flat but I thought it was still tasty. Eddie said it tasted like sun dried scones. Which he says would be awesome.

Crazy Thing about New York- Their labor laws differ surprisingly from California's and in my opinion are better for the employers not employees. Also can someone please show me new york states shop lifting laws because I am officially confused.

Worst Thing-
How Can the Weather forecaster on Sunday say rain only Wednesday and then Monday morning change it to Rain everyday but Wednesday?

Best Thing-
Being on your feet all day at a job versus sitting at your desk makes your legs feel tired but in a wonderful way.